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Why have “been there, done that” vacations when you can have “Creative Family Beach Vacations”!!!

family beach vacationsAt Creative Family Beach Vacations, our goal is to provide you with some wonderful fun-filled activities and vacation tips. Tips that will not only interest and inspire you, but foster family togetherness and unity, and generate memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

In order to cover such a vast subject, we have broken it down into various sub-topics. They are:

1) Planning – The first step in having a creative family beach vacation is in the planning phase. What should you take? What should you do before you arrive? These topics and more will be covered in this section.

2) Budget – Money should not prevent you from having a creative family beach vacation. In this section we will explore the various ways in which you can save money at the beach, and have fun doing it.

3) Luxury – Money can’t buy happiness…but it can’t hurt. In fact, money can open some doors of opportunity in which you can create your perfect family beach vacation. Interested? Read on…

4) Last Minute – Are you a “spur of the moment” type of person? Hate to plan, but still want to have a wonderful time at the beach? This section is for you.

5) Romantic – What can be more romantic than a trip to the beach with that “special someone”. In this section we will offer ideas and suggestions that will make this time even more spectacular.

6) Reunion – Looking for a perfect location to reunite with your old college buddies? How about the perfect setting for your annual family reunion? In this section we explore ideas that will make this your “reunion of all reunions”.

7) Photography – What would a trip to the beach be without a photographic journal to highlight you experiences? Beach photography offers it’s own unique challenges and rewards. In this section we offer up some “do’s and don’ts”, and provide creative ideas to make the most of your beach vacation.
8) Activities – Along with the unique and distinctive flavor of every beach, are activities that you can do to make the most of the local environment that surrounds you. In this section we provide a list of fun-filled activities that will not only enhance your enjoyment of your particular setting, but provide you with a depth of knowledge and understanding surpassed only by the togetherness you will feel with your family and friends.

9) US Beaches – Beaches span the east and west coasts of the US, but each beach can offer the visitor a unique and flavorful vacation experience. How do you make the most of these US beaches? Visit this section to find out.

10) World Beaches – Taking the “US Beaches” theme around the world, we take a look at some of the most exquisite and exotic of all world beach locations, and offer up some creative ideas to make the most of this wonderful beach opportunity.

11) Links – To those of us at Creative Family Beach Vacations, links provide us with the opportunity to showcase some web sites which we feel will enhance your overall vacation experience. They are categorized for your convenience. We hope you enjoy these links, and find them useful.

12) Contact Us – Have we missed something? We aim to be the “one-stop-shop” for people who want to have a wonderful creative family beach vacation. In order to do this, we need to listen, learn, and adapt. Your comments will help us to develop the best site available, and help us to be “all that we can be”. Thanks in advance for your input and valuable suggestions.

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